GLUE IT - 3D Paper Letters with @DoItPaper

@DoItPaper knows her 3D letters. She was kind enough to guest write this blog for all of our crafters, enjoy!

Get this FREE "GLUE IT" SVG here!

How to assemble your “GLUE IT” 3D letters.

First, you'll need to gather your supplies.

  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Cutting Machine
  • Scissors
  • Templates

This is the entire process of how I made this 3D letter sign for crafters to display in their craft room. Let's get started!

3D Letter Template Cut Out

Step 1: Cut the file provided. Remember to make sure you resize it proportionally.

Step 2: Prepare the pieces to start assembling, you will need a front and back cut of each letter and as many strips as it takes to go around each.

Step 3: Fold the little tabs on each of the strips

Step 4: Use a your Bearly Art glue to stick the tabs onto the back part of your letters


Step 5: Go all around the letter gluing the strip carefully. NOTE: go slower on the curves

Step 6: Cut the remains of this first strip


Step 7: Glue one strip to another using the little tab at the end of the strip. Continue gluing all around

Step 8: At the end of this section, use a scoring tool (a butter knife would be ok too) to score the folding part. Cut a little bit of the tab if you need to. then fold this part in

Step 9: Put the tabs up to prepare them for the gluing process.

 Step 10: Begin gluing!

Step 11: Put the front part of the letter in place.


Step 12: Finally you can decorate the letter with layers and the little cutouts provided. To get a 3D effect, use double sided foam tape.

Place the layer in the front of the offset.

Step 13: Lastly, use your Bearly Arts glue and place all your little pieces down.

This is the final result, isn't it lovely?