3D Strawberry Letters Tutorial

3D Strawberry Letters Tutorial

A, B, C, D, E, F, G…

Create this 3D letter SVG bundle and follow along with our beginner blog tutorial. 

Our 3D letter pack is available on our website. Spell out the birthday boy/girl’s name, decorate a wedding party, or label your tables for a big event. 

Today we are creating the letters B and Y to show the difference in making straighter letters, like Y, next to more curved letters. In this craft, we are adding picnic elements with our Jam Jar and Strawberry basket SVGs for a summer look.

Jam and strawberries not for you? Swap the prints and colors and add plants, school supplies, or outer space to liven these letters up and personalize them!


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Materials Needed:

Before you start: Prepare your materials

Gather all your materials in a clean, spacious workspace. Make sure all of your cardstock is cut and laid out to make sure you have all of the pieces. 

Step 1: Crease your score marks

There are a lot of score marks in this project. Find the score marks on your cardstock pieces and begin to crease them so the cardstock is flexible.

Notice, that there are more score marks on the letter “B” since you will need the cardstock to curve along the letter. 

Step 2: Glue down your tabs

Lay your scored pieces around the letters to figure out where each piece fits. Once you glue the tabs down you will not be able to move them so make sure you have them positioned correctly. 

Using your Bearly Art precision craft glue, glue down the tabs of the scored cardstock to the solid letter cutouts. Make sure on the outer edges, your tabs are facing the inside of the file. You don’t want the tabs sticking off the edges.

Step 3: Add the letter top

For our pattern, we have chosen two patterns included in Cricut Design Spac and are printing them on glossy sticker paper. Peel and stick this printed sticker on the solid letter pieces.

Glue the top of your letter on top to close up the project and create a solid 3D letter. 

Step 4: Add your extra pieces. 

Find and assemble the pieces for your flowers, strawberry basket, and jam jar. Glue together. 

Once assembled, get creative and glue or use Cubies to secure your flowers, jam jar, and strawberry basket to your 3D letters. 

Step 6: Enjoy!

And there you have it! Your 3D letters are completed. Experiment with different background papers, shapes, and prints to personalize your creation even further. 

Can you make all 26 letters in our 3D letter craft file? 

Enjoy crafting!