Precision Craft Glue: Why It’s the Superior Glue for Art Projects

Precision Craft Glue: Why It’s the Superior Glue for Art Projects

Super glue, wood glue, fabric glue, hot glue, glue sticks, glue dots ― they all have their place in the adhesive industry. But for all things arts and crafts, the most obvious choice is craft glue. 

Anyone who invests their time, effort, and talent into a craft project knows that not all glues are created equal. For example, there’s a reason why you don’t use hot glue on paper — it dries too thick and wrinkles the surface! 

If you want to give your project a professional’s touch, it makes sense to use a glue designed to work specifically for crafting materials. Here’s why:

What Exactly is Craft Glue?

By definition, craft glue is a non-industrial, water-based adhesive. It’s white in color but dries clear, leaving no visible trace on your project. This is one reason why it’s such a popular choice for arts and crafts, especially the ones you intend to sell! 

You can use craft glue on a variety of materials, including foam, paper, metal, wood, plastic, and even fabric. It’s this level of versatility that makes it an ideal choice for crafters and artists, no matter your favorite medium.

What to Expect with Bearly Art Craft Glue

As crafters ourselves, Bearly Art spent a year developing our new craft glue to create a superior product for other artists and hobbyists. We took into account every detail that makes an effective glue and eliminated the issues we experienced with other craft glue. 

The results: 

  • A clean, fast-drying glue that offers a professional-looking finish
  • Multiple sized nozzle tips for accuracy and precision gluing
  • No toxic fumes
  • Resistant to clumps and wrinkles
  • Able to be frozen and thawed so you can use all year round 

All of our craft glue is made in the USA, and true to the Bearly Art name, you can get it in an adorable little bear bottle for a little extra inspiration. 

Shop our collection today and give your arts and crafts projects the professional’s touch!