Top Tips for Bearly Art Craft Glue - Tip Kit

Bearly Art’s precision craft glue gets even better with our craft glue tip kit. 

The kit includes four interchangeable tips to get the perfect finish. The tips are helpful for intricate detail work and will help you create a professional look for your projects. With the kit, you can expect a precise, clean finish every time.

  1. Ultra fine tip - The precision glue tip you need for all high-precision craft jobs. Crafted with a durable stainless steel top and twist-on plastic base. Reach for this tip for all of your intricate design glue work that won’t saturate or weigh down your project. Rated 5 out of 5 stars for the finest glue for painting miniatures in 2021.  
  2. Fine tip - A precision glue tip for when you need a bit more glue than the ultra-fine tip, but still need something that can be easily controlled and detailed for your favorite project. 
  3. Storage tip - We never want to waste our favorite craft glue so this kit includes a storage tip to keep your Bearly glue from drying out. This small green tip cap hugs your glue bottle tightly until you are ready to dive into your next project. 
  4. Cleaning Pin - This stylish green-tipped stainless steel pin can remove the toughest glue clogs. After each craft session, use the pin to clean and unclog your precision glue tips and extend the life of your tip kit. 

This tip kit will enhance your precision craft projects no matter what they are. 

Buy this tip kit in our Bearly Art precision craft glue bundle! 

Already have Bearly Art precision glue? No worries! Complete your set here! 

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I, too, would like to know about laying the bottle down or standing it up for storage. Is one preferred?



I am new to using this glue want to know if I can store in my craft draw laying down.. or is it recommended to stay standing