My name is Anggi, I am Venezuelan and I am behind AMA Impresos, mostly designing and recreating creative stationery for children's parties. I started in the world of crafts after 10 years of being in the world of Civil Engineering after being a mother. Being a mother put everything in perspective, I did not want to continue working long hours in a hostile environment away from my baby, so I decided to leave him and spend a year taking care of him and evaluating my options as a worker. mother. A year after being at home with my baby, with nothing defined to earn a living, I decided to organize her first birthday by doing all the decorations myself, so I realized that I am very good at this. I fell in love with the world of creative stationery for parties, then I created AMA Impresos; Since then, I have grown enormously as a person and professional in the art of creating stationery and I do not regret this decision for a moment. I have met wonderful and talented people over the years that I would like to treasure forever. Find me on Instagram @ama.impresos