VIP 2022 Craftmas Tickets


販売価格$39 通常価格$600


There are two ways to enjoy our Christmas event. A FREE ticket and a VIP ticket for sale. Our FREE tickets, of course, are absolutely free! With it, you’ll not only be able to watch us craft LIVE, but you’ll also be able to view the recorded LIVES for 24 hours after Craftmas is over. And if you purchase our VIP ticket, you’ll have access to our 2022 Craftmas recordings indefinitely.

  • Lifetime Access to 2022 Craftmas Videos
  • 12+ Hours Of Crafting Videos
  • 12 Project Ideas
  • 12 SVG Downloads
  • Entered into a $100 Giveaway
  • Access to Video Vault
  • 20% Coupon Code on Bearly Art Products
  • 1 Exclusive Bonus Project
  • 1 Exclusive Bonus SVG


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