Glitter Goodies (8 Pack Washi Tape)



Glitter Goodies

You don't have to wait any longer to finally get some Bearly Art Washi Tape! Thank you to all of our customers who have been excitedly waiting for this release. We hope that these washi tapes provide some glitter to your craft and sparks of joy to you! 

Bearly Art's Washi Tape is a vibrant array of hand-selected rolls to brighten any of your projects! It's designed to be a staple in any Washi Tape collection. With its color versatility, the Bearly Art's Washi Tape is sure to be a winner with any crafter!

Keep the creativity flowing with over 10 colors each over 16 feet long! 

Glitter Goodies - 8 Pack of Glitter Washi Tape

15 mm x 5m | .6 in x 16.4 ft.


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