#CardsForCubs FAQ

Send additional questions to cardsforcubs@bearly.art 

Are envelopes required?

Envelopes are preferred. If you have any more to spare, please send some with your cards!

Do we write messages inside the card?

Messages can be hand written, typed, or left blank. It is completely up to you!

How do I bundle my cards?

If you are pledging more than 10 please bundle them in stacks of 10 and keep the envelopes separate. This makes it easy for us to review each card before they go out. 

How long is registration open?

Registration is open till March 31st. We ask that you can register soon so we can keep an accurate count of cards.

Can I update the number of cards pledged?

Yes of course! Simply reregister with the same email you used to sign up and the system will update your response. 

When do cards need to be shipped by?

Cards need to be shipped by March 31st.