Health Care Workers Need YOU 

With the rapid increase of Covid-19 cases, there is a rapid decline in morale among Health Care Workers. Stories come out everyday about how dire the situation is. Basic hospital supplies such as masks, goggles, and gloves are rapidly depleting across the county. Those that need them the most are having to reuse or attempt to purchase their own during this time. Nurses, doctors, and hospital workers are doing everything they can to take care of those that are sick, by risking their lives everyday. Constant changes in procedures and regulations are keeping them on edge as we all learn more about the virus. Surgeons are going to home department stores to look for goggles and masks. With schools and daycares close, many professionals with young kids are struggling to take care of their own families. There are constant stories of co-workers getting sick and unable to work putting a greater strain on their hospitals. With the lack of basic health care supplies, the mental strain from long hours, and the stories of the sick, many are struggling to stay positive and hopeful.

“Health care workers on frontlines feel like lambs to the slaughterhouse” -CNN

What Can We Do?

If you are anything like me, you feel helpless in this situation. Many of my family members work in the medical field and with the virus being so contagious, we have to maintain social distancing. I’m sure many of you can relate. How can we encourage and support those on the frontlines? How can we give thanks to those that often go unthanked? Our answer is #CareCards.

For those of you that participated in #CardsForCubs, you know the drill! #CareCards will be a ONE time event to raise as many cards for our health care workers. We are currently raising thousands of cards for foster kids and have over 360 volunteers across America. Now I ask you all to donate your time once more. We have to show our support to those on the frontlines! While we are all stuck at home, I ask to support those that are experiencing the worst. 

Mailing Address:

Bearly Art

801 Station Dr. STE 113

Arlington, TX 76015

What THEY Need

Simple. They need uplifting cards that show our support and love. They need messages of encouragement and support. They need to know that we deeply care about what they do and thank them for fighting on the frontlines. Cards should be uplifting and encouraging. 

What WE Need

We need thousands of cards. I know it's a big goal, but they need them now more than ever! If you have a piece of paper, a pen, and a stamp you are good to go! We are NOT asking for blank cards. We are asking for messages filled with support and love. 

How Cards Will Be Delivered

We will be delivering in a similar way to our other card event. We will start with a Texas Health Memorial Hospital here in Arlington,Texas. After we fulfill their needs, we will choose another hospital and move on from there.


As an added precaution, all cards will be quarantined for a few days before they are sent to the hospitals. Please do not mail cards unless you are safe to do so. Your safety is our highest priority. 

Final Thoughts

I thank all of you who feel moved enough to act and I hope you will join us in supporting our Health Care Workers! We can be the hope they need during this time. Spend some time and thank those around you that are in the industry and we will all get through this with their help. 


For those that signed up for #CardsForCubs we are starting to deliver your cards for foster care kids! With the continual success of #CardsForCubs, we have raised over 3000 cards and have over 360 volunteers that are donating handmade cards to foster kids. I ask all of you that are taking part to continue your efforts and pitch in for #CareCards as well! Everyone needs support during this time. 


What's your mailing address?

Bearly Art

801 Station Dr. STE 113

Arlington, TX 76015


Can I send #CardsForCubs and #CareCards together?

Yes of course! We will split them up when they arrive

Do you want envelopes?

Yes of course! However, we will provide envelopes for any that don't have them. 

Do you want messages in cards?

Yes of course! Please no blank cards. We want to show love to our healthcare workers

Do cards need to be signed?

Yes of course! We recommend first names and where you are from.