Guidelines for Cards...

Because all cards are hand sorted by the Bearly Art Team and Volunteers, if you send more than 10 cards please bundle your cards by what kind of cards they are (birthday, holiday, encouragement, blank, etc). It makes hand sorting much easier!

  1. The average age of Foster kids is 8, but cards are needed for all ages up to 18
  2. Cards should be encouraging, please no sympathy cards.
  3. Cards With Messages and Blank Cards are needed. If you do write a message make sure it will be well-received across any demographic, religion, and culture.
  4. Holiday Cards and Birthday Cards are also needed! 
  5. Envelopes are preferred. If you do provide envelopes please keep these separate from your cards so that we can sort these easier. 
  6. Cards more than 10 should be bundled
  7. All bundles of cards need to be labeled by type (Holiday, Birthday, etc.) 
  8. All Cards need to be mailed to Bearly Art

    Cards will be reviewed by the Bearly Art Team to ensure they are appropriate