Foster Care Organizations #CardsForCubs Supports

Foster Care Organizations are a critical piece for #CardsForCubs. They are the last step in delivering cards directly to foster kids all over the country. If you represent an organization that works directly with foster kids and would like to receive handmade cards, please send an email to

How cards are delivered

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#CardsForCubs Foster Care Agencies

Arrow Child & Family Ministries

 Arrow was founded in 1992 and strives to serve children, who have experienced abuse, trauma, or instability, through foster care. They recruit and train foster families through community-based services by improving the health and stability of families within their own home.


Olive Crest

Olive Crest has grown to become a leader in the prevention and treatment of child abuse, serving nearly 5,300 children and families each day throughout California, Nevada, and the Pacific Northwest.


Pathways Youth and Family Services

Pathways Youth and Family Services Inc. is a non-profit social service organization providing a wide array of programs and services to communities across the state of Texas


Monroe Harding

Our mission is changing young people’s lives. Since we began in 1893 as an orphanage for displaced youth, Monroe Harding evolved and continually adapted to meet the needs of children and young adults who are in or transitioning out of state custody. We ensure that foster care youth and other vulnerable young people build a solid foundation of strengths, positioning them for success in adulthood. We provide children, young adults, and families with resources in the areas of Homes, Healing, and Opportunities through Engagement. We also advocate for service recipients and empower young people to advocate for themselves. Monroe Harding is the only agency in Middle Tennessee providing a comprehensive continuum of services for current and former foster youth from birth to 26, as well as serving other vulnerable young adults. We fulfill our mission through four programs: Foster Care, Supportive Housing, Clinical Emotional and Mental Health Support, and a Youth Connections Resource Center.



As a nonprofit social service organization, we do whatever it takes to empower high-risk children, their families and communities throughout Virginia. From addressing behavioral and emotional issues to finding foster homes, UMFS never gives up.

Tidewater Friends of Foster Care

Tidewater Friends of Foster Care (TFFC) is committed to enriching the lives of foster children in our community, because we believe that every child deserves an opportunity to thrive! Due to the inherent instability in family environment, foster children often miss out on key elements of a healthy and happy childhood, such as consistent family routines, enrollment in a single school system, and participation in enriching activities. Consequently, these children struggle emotionally and academically, with outcomes that reflecting this strife.


SOS Children’s Villages Illinois

SOS Children’s Villages Illinois offers an innovative approach to traditional foster care. Our model of care gives children the opportunity to live in a nurturing, stable, single-family home with their brothers and sisters in the care of a full-time, professionally trained Foster Parent in one of our Villages. Children benefit from the stability of remaining with their siblings as well as the support of neighboring SOS Illinois Foster Parents and the entire community.

Fill A Heart 4 Kids

Fill a Heart 4 Kids gives unaccompanied homeless youth, at risk, and foster children educational support, necessities and positive experiences to help their heart's heal and restore their dignity - so they can achieve Brighter Futures! 

Fill a Heart 4 Kids' goal is for homeless youth and foster children to heal, feel valued and receive critical resources from our supportive community...4 Brighter Futures!

Children's Bureau

Children's Bureau was founded in 1904 by Mrs. E.K. Foster, a Los Angeles community leader, and a group of volunteers who shared a concern for the plight of vulnerable children. Successfully they advocated for legislation to protect these children. Today, Children's Bureau continues to be a trusted, innovative leader in child well-being.


Have Haven, Inc.

Have Haven Inc., incorporated in 1999 as a non-profit 501 (3) © organization by a mother (Elizabeth Mesfin) and daughter (Rahel Selassie) team. Both came together and decided that they would apply their expertise in their respective fields and work with the population they set out to serve.