Event Announcement: Crafting for Cubs!

For the entire month of July crafters just like you will have the opportunity to share their love of creativity and inspiration with kids in foster care!

How Can I Get Involved in Crafting for Cubs?

For the entire month of July, we will be taking pledges and accepting the Craft Kits you and your fellow crafters send in.

First, gather as many new kid-friendly art supplies as you can. Next, separate your supplies into kits that can be given to one child. Then, send your kits to the address below. It's that easy!

Bearly Art

2000 E. Randol Mill Rd.

STE 610

Arlington, TX 76011

Don't forget to spread the word by sharing this event on social media! Use the hashtags #CraftingForCubs #OohAhh on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Twitch.

A Message From An!

"Hi! I'm An and I appreciate this opportunity to share with you my passion project!

I'm on the Design Team for Bearly Art and their goal is for us to inspire and grow the crafting community. And that's how I came up with a campaign called Crafting for Cubs.

I am asking for all crafters/creators/scrapbookers to help me grow the crafting community by creating Craft Kits. Each Craft Kit will fit in a gallon-sized Ziploc bag and it can contain anything - stickers, cardstock, washi tape, cut out shapes, etc. Bearly Art will receive these Craft Kits and will send them throughout the year to different foster care agencies across the United States.

The Craft Kits will show these kids in foster care how fun it is to craft, how fulfilling it is to create something, and most of all to just let these kids shine with their creations. Hopefully sparking a passion and creating crafters for life!

We have so many amazing sponsors supporting this cause that we will have a raffle for those that create Craft Kits. For every Craft Kit pledged, you will receive an entry to the raffle. Please see the list of prizes available at the bottom of the page.

So together with my favorite Insta-friends - Ivy & Jerodelle - we hope that you find this campaign worthy of your time and appreciate all the help you can give with shares, likes, and pledges."

Happy Crafting and With Love,

An Pham - @TheUselessCrafter

Why the OohAhh Hashtag?

"I pretty much have an OohAhh moment every time I step into a craft store -stickers, pens, cardstock...even tape!

I want to be able to bring that fun, that excitement, that OohAhh moment for these kids in foster care. And let their creativity take over and make something they'll be proud to hang in their room.

Thank you for supporting my passion project - building new crafters and making them smile!"

- An

What Is Crafting for Cubs?

Crafting for Cubs is a chance for the crafting community to share their love of all things creative by building Craft Kits that will be sent to children in foster care.

Is Crafting for Cubs the Same As Cards for Cubs?

Crafting for Cubs is not the same as Cards for Cubs. While both events seek to better the lives of children in foster care and are hosted by Bearly Art, the objectives of each are different.

Cards for Cubs wishes to ease the "journey" of kids entering, or currently in, foster care by showing them support through handmade cards, made by members of the crafting community.

Crafting for Cubs is an event in which crafters gather materials and assemble craft kits. These kits can include materials such as stickers, cardstock, cardstock cut-outs. Art encourages self-expression, creativity and builds confidence as well as a sense of individuality; by sending Crafting Kits, we hope these items will give children in foster care the opportunity to create and express themselves. 

Are There Any Requirements for the Craft Kits?

Yes! To help keep this process organized, we ask that you follow the instructions below.

- Each Craft Kit should fit inside one gallon-sized Ziploc bag

- One Craft Kit per Ziploc bag

- Stick to a gallon-sized Ziploc bag as it is the MAXIMUM size we will accept.

- Keep supplies kid-friendly - supplies that leak and stain are not ideal.

What Kinds of Supplies Can Go Into a Craft Kit?

Possible Craft Kits Items: Washable markers, Crayons  Colored map pencils, Water Paints, Paintbrushes, Stickers, Cardstock paper, Construction Paper, Glue sticks, Washi Tape, Safety scissors
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How Can I Enter the Raffle?

1. Go to the Bearly Art website and fill out the Pledge form

2. Every craft kit is 1 entry

3. Raffle Prize winners will be announced on August 2nd (check out all the prizes!)

*US Mailing Addresses Only

Raffle Prizes
Thank you for your participation! We can't wait to see the crafting community ban together once again for this loving and creative event.
- The Bearly Art family