Glue Shortage Update

Hey Bearly Art Family!

Since there have been some inquiries about why a lot of our glue is out of stock, we wanted to take the time to explain this situation. 

Our mission is to always strive to inspire creative imagination in everyone we cross paths with and in order to do so, you need to be able to purchase our glue.

What is Happening?
Right now there has been a huge shortage with our suppliers who have been silent on this issue. Any contact we have had has been met with no definitive information on a specific date of when this shortage will be solved. 
Our Current Solution:
The Refill and the Bundle are out of stock for the time being until the shortage ends and there may be periodic stock outs, but we will have the Mini and the Original Size available on our website and our partner websites.

We understand that many of you are also small businesses and apologize for this shortage issue. We always want to be honest with our Bearly Art Family and we hope that this update will clarify any questions. 

Please be rest assured that we are working very hard to continue supporting your arts and crafts goals and will make sure you are the first to know about any and every update we get. 

Thank you so much for your gracious understanding in a difficult time like this -- great brands aren't built solely upon quality goods, but together with a community that encourages and supports each other. Thanks for making Bearly Art what it is today. 


~Bearly Art Team