SHOP SHOWCASE #1: Emma Dawn Designs

SHOP SHOWCASE #1: Emma Dawn Designs


The Purpose of Shop Showcases...

One of our favorite things is to inspire crafters and small businesses alike! With this series, we are striving to give you an inside look at owning your own crafting business. There are so many people who are hesitant to take the leap and are scared of putting themselves out there. Emma Dawn felt that way not that long ago, but within a few short months had over 400 sales! She is a talented SVG designer who has conquered her self doubt and now runs a successful Etsy and Design Bundles Shop. So without further to do, lets dive into her inspirational story!

What is your story and how did you start for designing SVGs?

Hi!  I’m Emma from Emma Dawn Designs, I am an SVG designer from a seaside town called Folkestone, in England.  

My story really starts with my mum.  She loves crafting and has been doing it for years professionally and in her spare time.  She introduced me to a Scan N Cut machine and managed to find me a second hand one a few years ago. 

I’ve always loved paper cut out art and I realized that I could do a drawing on my iPad and then cut it out out of card on my cutting machine, so that's what I started doing in my spare time.

I started out with making birthday cards and gifts for my nieces and nephews with their favorite animals and superheroes on and I quickly moved on to making artwork for their bedrooms.  

I thought about selling my SVGs but I honestly was so scared to put myself and my designs out there in case nothing came of it. Until May this year at least.  

I moved out of London to a seaside town called Folkestone in March this year, fully intending to get a new job once I arrived.  They have a great creative scene here so I was really hoping to find something to do within the local art community. 

Three days after I moved, the UK went into lockdown due to the Coronavirus. I had no job and plenty of time, so thought why not, it’s now or never.  

I spent the first few months of lockdown creating around 10 animal designs, testing them, designing my shop look and logo, and then opened up my Etsy Shop in May.  

I then opened up a shop on Design Bundles a month later and started to put my social media accounts and website together.   

It has been a few months but I try to get a couple of new designs up a week and I love it!  I forgot how nice it is to do something you love and are passionate about.  I love seeing what people make with my designs and I love inspiring them too by showing my projects that I have made with my new Cricut Maker.

What was your biggest challenge that you overcame when starting your business?

I’d say my biggest challenge that I overcame was the self-doubt.  I think it’s always hard putting yourself and your ideas/designs out there for the world to see, not knowing how they will be received.  The more I put myself and my designs out there though, the more confident I became in what I was doing.  I don’t think people realize when they follow you on Instagram or Facebook but that one comment or one like really does help give encouragement and puts a huge smile on your face.  It’s so encouraging knowing that people like what you do and want to see more!  I can’t wait to get more designs done and I’m looking to start a blog to help people create projects with my designs.

What advice would you give someone else wanting to sell their own SVGs?

I think my main thing is don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice, I’ve met some amazing people in the past couple of months who have given me a much needed confidence boost and some fantastic advice. You don’t realize it when you start out, you think you are all on your own and that no one notices you and your shop.  Both Etsy and Design Bundles have a great community feel, so joining in with the forum chats and Facebook groups has been great!  So much advice and so many lovely people willing to help.


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Website: EmmaDawnDesigns
Facebook: EmmaDawnDesigns 
Instagram: EmmaDawnDesigns
Etsy: EmmaDawnDesignsLTD 
Design Bundles: EmmaDawnDesigns

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