Who is Bearly Art?

Hi, my name is Ba and I am the Bearly Art mascot. Today, I am here to tell you a little story...


Our Story

One of our co-founders comes from a family with a very artistic background. Growing up surrounded by creative thinkers, he was inspired to try and find a way to connect with the crafting community, especially with those who need support with their creative endeavors. Bearly Art was born out of the desire to give people the tools and know-how to create something that they themselves never thought they could create.

You don’t have to be an artist or influencer to use our products, we want everyone to get the chance to rediscover their creativity.


Bearly Art

Our brand is a bit of a play on words using the word “barely” as in “you only have to be barely artistic”, you don’t have to be an artist already to be a part of our community. We believe everyone has the potential to become an artist, no matter their background or experience. We also used the word “bear” to represent a polar bear, which embodies a blank canvas where you can start anew and create something wonderful. Since a group of polar bears is also called a “celebration”, we hope to use our Bearly Art platform to celebrate everyone’s creativity through everyday crafts.


Find Your Creativity

We want to focus not only on the quality of our products but building a crafting community that supports each other in their creative endeavors. You don’t have to already be a really good artist; you can become one. By connecting artists through our crafting products, we hope you will be encouraged as well as inspired to find joy in the small things that make you smile.

At Bearly Art, we strive to inspire creative imagination in everyone we cross paths with. We hope to push people beyond their limits to create something amazing every single day.

So, what’s stopping you? Join us in our celebration of crafters from all over the country by following us on Instagram

Thanks for making our community amazing.