Bearly Art exists to inspire creative imagination through everything we do.  We create products to provide solutions to problems. The first problem we tackled was the gap in the liquid adhesives market for paper crafters of various types, and created the Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue.  Our future products will aim to open up blue oceans of opportunity for artists and DIYers to make arts & crafts easier and more accessible to a broader range of people.  

We believe that there are many people who want to experience the joy of creating, but are hesitant because they don’t think they have the tools or skills to do so.  We are working to close this gap and create products and content to serve these people. Bearly Art was started to encourage and inspire “regular people” to create, while simplifying and enhancing the experience.

Here at Bearly Art we strongly believe in giving.  We give to encourage the artistic and crafting community so we can spread the joy that comes when you make something yourself and share it with others. 

One way we live out this core value of giving is by providing several ways to receive complimentary Bearly Art products.

  1. If you craft together in a group or class of 4 or more simply write us to request a complimentary gift box for your next group meeting.  All we ask is that if you love the products you share with your social network.  
  2. If you are an influencer with 2,000 or more followers, we offer giveaways to you and your following as well as sponsorship programs.  
  3. If you teach arts/crafts we have a complimentary gift box for you and your class as well!  We love to give and are always looking for ways to inspire groups of people to create arts & crafts together.

We love to hear from our customers and see what you are creating!  Tag us on social or email us with your creations!  Every-Month we will select winners to receive free Bearly Art products based on submissions we receive!