#CardsForCubs is a national crafting event that EVERYONE can participate in. We work with foster care agencies across the United States to help distribute your cards to kids that feel forgotten by the world. Let’s tell them that they are loved and cherished! We will began collecting cards March 1st. 

This is our second annual #CardsForCubs event. Last year we raised over 6,500 cards and had over 750 volunteers. This year we have a new goal... 

450,000 Cards is a near impossible goal, but with your help and support we can accomplish the impossible! Help us bring awareness to these kids and join us as we put meaning behind our crafts.  

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If you want to know why we put this together keep reading..

The Question... 

Before we launched the glue, my Co-Founder and I discussed what we wanted our brand to stand for. We talked about what values the company should hold and how we implement those values in our company and to our customers. The values we wrote were Quality Products, Giving, Family, Creativity, and Customer Centric. We still haven't erased these values written on our idea board.   

The more time I talk with all of you, the more love and encouragement I find. As a whole I find that crafters are naturally caring. 

If so many crafters get excited about a little bottle of glue.. 

“How can we use this excitement to give back to the community?”


The Kids (Cubs)...

Why Kids in Foster Care?

On a personal note, the values Bearly Art holds as a company is a reflection of my Co-Founder and I. He and his wife have fostered a child in the past and still maintain their foster care certifications. His wife is a case manager who works directly with foster kids and ensures that they are healthy and well taken care of by the foster home. We have spent many nights talking about the horrific events some of these kids have gone through. 

Children in foster care are often forgotten about and many feel that society has failed them. Despite what most people think, the average age for a child in foster care is 8 years old and will stay in care for around a year. Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS) reports that 430,000+ children are currently in foster care with over 125,000+ are waiting to be adopted. 

These kids have been through emotional turmoil that no child should ever experience. The top 4 reasons for children entering the Foster Care System is because of neglect, drug abuse (parent), caretakers inability to cope, or physical abuse.

These kids need hope.. 

Link to the report: https://www.acf.hhs.gov/sites/default/files/cb/afcarsreport26.pdf 


What We Need From You…

As crafters, YOU ARE THE KEY to spreading the word and getting this event out there. We would be absolutely honored if you joined us in bringing awareness to the Foster Care Community. All we need is your willingness to spread this event using #CardsForCubs and send in a card or two! I encourage all of you to make some cards yourselves. We certainly will be!

Whether we receive 10 cards or 10,000 cards for this event, children in foster care will be blessed either way. Quantity without quality is meaningless.  

Final Thoughts…

A card may not mean much to us, but it can mean the world for a child to know that someone loves them.

We can help encourage and uplift these kids. 

We can give them HOPE.

HOPE for finding a home…

...and HOPE for a brighter tomorrow. 

 Thank you for your consideration in joining us.

Let’s change the world one card at a time.