The Useful Collection by An Pham

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We are very pleased to welcome The Useful Collection by An Pham @TheUselessCrafter to our Friends of Bearly Art family!

An saw a need for more representation in crafting supplies, and so has created a diverse new skin tone paper pack with 8 different colors to represent a variety of skin tones. 

For this wonderful collection, all colors are names of real people that are near and dear to the creator and team. 

We hope that this set will encourage many creations with representation and inclusion for every skin tone out there.

Happy Crafting!

Want to learn more about An Pham? Check out her website

Pack Facts:

  • 24 sheets per pack
  • Each sheet is 12x12 inches
  • 8 total colors: Charlotte, Quinn, Penelope, Torrance, Lyla, Clare, Neko, Riley 
  • Each pack has 3 sheets of each color
  • Each sheet is 250gsm 
  • Made with premium cardstock 
  • Cutting machine compatible

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