Guide to Bearly Art's Adhesive Cubies

Bearly Art's CUBIES Polar Collection came to life from the combination of our bestselling Bearly Art precision craft glue and passion for crafting.

CUBIES are the perfect pack for new crafters and experienced artists looking to expand their craft repertoire. Polar Cubies allow crafters to create seamless 3D-style projects with one multi-size pack. Cubies come in precut squares and stripes of different widths so you can make your project personalized. All cubies have strong double-sided adhesive sides that are easy to use, strong, and useful to create anything you imagine!

Our Cubies are:

  • Extra Strong - Double-sided tape
  • Quality - Premium EVA foam
  • Precut Squares & Strips - 4 different styles to choose
  • Mega Pack - 1248 total pieces
  • Polar White - Works well with anything
  • Safe to use for crafts or projects

3D Projects

  1. Place Cubies in-between your layers to make your designs and projects pop off the page!
  2. The two different thicknesses -- 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch -- make them excellent for any craft project needing a variety of dimensions and strong adhesive hold.
  3. Craft! Design and create anything from wedding decor to party favors that POP for any occasion.

What will you craft up?

Check out our Polar Cubies collection for your next craft project.

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