Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue - PIN-KIT ACCESSORY PACK

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PIN KIT ACCESSORY BUNDLE (Pin Kit, Rubber Stopper, Tip Cap)

1. Get 10 stainless steel Cleaning Pins for your Bearly Art Precision Tips today! Each Pin Kit contains 10 Cleaning Pins placed in a handy plastic tube to store them safely.

2. Need a spare Tip Cap? All 4 fl oz Precision Glue Comes with a Tip Cap. If you need a replacement or just want another one, we got you covered! These are replacements and fit on our 4 fl oz Precision Craft Glue. 

3. Our Rubber Stopper is great for temporary storage. Use it with our Ultra-Fine Tip to help prevent glue from drying up in the tip. 

*Wholesale Customers; this product is NOT eligible for wholesale pricing or resale

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