Create a Wedding Banner Tutorial

Let's create a Wedding Banner! 









Say “I do” to crafting this romantic banner for engagement parties, gift tables, or as a banner to wrap across the cake table. 

This banner uses 4 different SVG files different colored and metallic papers that you can mix up and personalize to represent the wedding themes and your style. Mix up the message or graphics for new ways to celebrate the special day.

Let's get started!

For this project you will need:

Don't miss our Print & Cut tutorial for this craft! Watch it here! 

Craft along with our recorded LIVE here! 

Before you start: Prepare your materials

Gather all your materials in a clean, spacious workspace. Ensure that your cardstock is cut and you have all craft materials handy.

In this craft, there will be 5 total sections of the banner. 

Step 1: Assemble your frames

Start by selecting your frames and layer the smaller frames on top of the larger frame base. Flip the smaller layer over and add Cubie strips. Place at the top, bottom, and middle to help the small frame remain secure. 

To give an illusion of a picture frame, add the sage green rectangle in the center of your frame and secure it with Cubies. 

Complete these steps for each of the five frame sections. 

Flip over and glue on your banner backers so they are ready for stringing at the end of the craft. 

NOTE: The banner backer creates an UP-side to the frame. Keep this in mind when gluing on your elements. 

Step 2: Build the elements

Gather all of the pieces and assemble the tux and gown with Bearly Art precision glue. 

For the white elements on the tux and gown, we recommended using a textured cardstock to add a more romantic and delicate style to your wedding banner. 

Add some reflective pieces on the gown by cutting out the details of the dress and the bowtie and buttons of the tux with a metallic gold paper.

Finish the elements by creating the rings, the champagne bottles, and all of the flowers. 

Assemble your Mr. and Mrs. lettering. To add dimension to our letters, we are gluing the top layer to the black layer and adhering to the bottom layer with Cubies. 

We are using the downloaded font Mellenia. Nexa Rust Script in Cricut Design Space is similar.  

Step 3: Add decor to your frames

Using Bearly Art Cubies, decorate your frames with these romantic wedding elements and flowers. 

The order we are using is:

Frame 1: Wedding tux and gown with flowers
Frame 2: “Mr” with rings and champagne bottle
Frame 3: “And” with flowers
Frame 4: “Mrs” with rings and champagne bottles
Frame 5: Wedding tux and gown with flowers

You can order and decorate your frames however you desire and make them unique and personalized to you or the lucky couple.

Add dimension by playing with gluing down your elements or attaching them to small or tall Cubies. 

Step 4: String your banner

Flip your frames over, making sure to keep them in order and in the direction you want! You banner holders should be dried now. 

Get your ribbon of choice, we are using a white ribbon and string your banner together. 

Step 6: Hang your banner! 

And there you have it! Your wedding banner is ready. Experiment with different background papers, shapes, and fillings to personalize your creation even further. Enjoy crafting!

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