Graduation Cap Treat Box Tutorial

Graduation Cap Treat Box Tutorial

Don’t toss this cap until you see what is hiding inside! 

Surprise your graduate with these treat boxes styled after a graduation cap. Customize with the alma mater's school colors, school name, mascot, and graduation year. 


This box opens so you can fill it with candy, money, or gift cards to celebrate your favorite new graduate.

Wondering where to start? Check out or video on how to set everything up on Cricut Design Space here! 

Let's get started!

Materials Needed:

Before you start: Prepare your materials

Gather all your materials in a clean, spacious workspace. Ensure that your cardstock is cut, you have your two pieces of clearly craft plastic cut out, and you have all craft materials handy.

Step 1: Creating your graduation cap box

Grab the two large rounded pieces that create your graduation cap box and start to fold along all of the score marks. Glue the tabs to connect the pieces. It will form the bottom of the cap/box and the top of the cap/box. 

Connect the pieces and see if they fit together to create a completed gift box. 

Step 2: Create the top of the graduation cap

Once you have completed forming the top and bottom of the gift box, we will turn this box into a graduation cap to celebrate all of your upcoming grads. 

Select your square glitter cardstock and with a ruler, find the center of the square. Pock a hole through the square. Select the metallic gold tassel piece and poke a hole in the circle as well. (You may complete this step prior in Cricut Design Space - but it is not necessary

Place your brass brad through the tassel and glitter square and fasten on the back. This will allow you to swap the side of your tassel 

Glue the blue square paper to the back of your glitter square being careful to avoid the brad in the center. 

Step 3: Create the card

While the glue on the box and hat top dries, let’s create the card. 

The style is quite straightforward so you will want to line up all of the elements of your card and then glue them together. Set aside to dry.  

Step 4: Prep your “Class of 2024” message

Line up your messaging with the metallic gold offset and glue it together. 

Step 5: Roll your flowers

To roll your flowers you will need a quilling tool. Wrap the flowers around the quilling tool until it forms a small flower bud. When you reach the end you will see a small circle end. Fold to cover the bottom. 

You may need to release the flower slightly to cover the bottom. Cover the circle in glue and press into the folds to secure it in place. Press and hold until set. 

Repeat with the rest of your flowers. 

Step 6: Final Assembly

To create the final additions to your graduation cap treat box, add glue to the top lid of the treat box and add the square tassel top, glitter, and tassel face up. 

To finish up your treat box, lay out your flowers and your “Class of 2024” and arrange how you want. Once you are happy, simply hot glue your decorations down. Hot glue will help your decorations stick to the textured glitter paper. 

We placed the flowers in one corner of the cap so the tassel has the freedom to move from side to side, symbolizing a new chapter starting. 

Finally, don't forget to glue your tassel to the end!


And there you have it! Your graduation cap treat box is ready. Experiment with different background papers, shapes, and fillings to personalize your creation even further. Enjoy crafting!


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